Rental Tenant Qualifications & Application Form

We are pleased that you are considering one of our Apartments as your home. To become a Resident, you must qualify under the following guidelines:

1. The gross (before tax) combined household income must be 3x rent per month. Third party verification of income is required and must be legal and verifiable. This may include but is not limited to pay check stubs. If you are Self-employed please provide your most recent income tax return. If the business is new, we will require a minimum of 3 months of bank statements.

• Student aid must be itemized for room and board
• Personal checks from employers will not be considered
• Unverifiable income will not be considered
• Child support / alimony will not be considered if court ordered and received for 6 months +
• Co-signers are not allowed unless you are a student or Senior (over 65)
• Income for Co-signers must be 5x rent
• We are not currently participating in Section 8 or other 3rd party payment assistance contracts.

2. You must have at least 2 years of current, positive rental history. The rental history must be verifiable with your current and former landlord. Living with family does not constitute rental history.

• 1st time renters are eligible but will require a higher deposit.
• Positive rental history includes paying the same or similar rent.

3. We will obtain a copy of your credit and background reports through an outside agency. All Properties require a minimum credit score. Any eviction or default to a Utility Company will be automatic grounds for denial.

If there are collection accounts, this may be grounds for denial. (unless student loans and/or medical)

4. Any collections to a prior Landlord will be automatic grounds for denial.

5. Bankruptcies filed within the last 12 months will result in denial of the application.

6. All information must be complete and accurate. Applications that are incomplete, falsified or unverifiable will be denied. This includes failure to provide requested information or documentation in a reasonable time frame.

7. Our occupancy rule is 2 per bedroom + 1. (Example: For a 2-bedroom unit no more than 5 occupants.)

An application must be completed for all applicants that are 18 years or older. Two pieces of I.D. must be shown at the time of application. We require at least one photo I.D. (a driver’s license, passport, employee I.D. or other government issued photo identification card) and a social security card, if available.

Applications are processed in the order received.  We will make every effort to complete the approval process within 3 business days.  If we are unable to complete the approval process due to unverifiable information or unresponsive references, we will be forced to drop the application and move forward with the next applicant.

Click here for an electronic Tenant Rental Application Form.

To apply online:
1. Download the Application Form to your computer.
2. Open the PDF, fill in the whole form as indicated and save to your computer.

3. Email your completed application to the email corresponding to the property your are interested in: